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For every person, maintaining an optimal level of wellness is imperative to a higher and often longer quality of life. Your wellness matters to us at Animo Organics as much as it matters to you.


We are following all health and safety precautions based on CDC guidelines. Masks are required in all spaces of the wellness boutique. There is a maximum number of 2 people allowed in the retail space at a time. Also, hand sanitizer is available for use upon entering, while in the personal sauna suites and upon exiting. For infrared sauna therapy, be patient as we are allowing a minimum of 15 minutes in between sessions for proper sanitation protocol. Thank you for your understanding and adherence to keeping yourself and the AO family safe. Hope to see you soon!!

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Infrared Sauna

At Animo Organics, we provide more than the highest quality products! We also have an infrared sauna that is extremely beneficial to those seeking total wellness. The infrared sauna uses infrared light to penetrate inches into the body to create heat on a cellular level making you sweat. Sweating is the best way to rid the body of toxins such as drugs, pollutants, pesticides and heavy metals that harm your immune system and health. Sweating is also a great way to increase metabolism and reduce stress. Imagine burning 600+ calories without exercising! Book a single session for $35 or enjoy a monthly, unlimited membership for $189 or $289 for couples!


There is an extraordinarily vast body of scientific research on the broad uses of cannabis and CBD. Current studies have shown that CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant qualities, and has been used successfully for seizure treatment, cancer fighting, tumor protectant, sleep aid, neuroprotectant and cognitive enhancer. CBD also supports healthy heart function, vascular health and gastrointestinal health just to name a few!

Experience the finest organic CBD products available for yourself and even your pets. At Animo Organics, we offer a wide variety of the highest quality CBD products such as tincture/oils (human and pets), hair, skin, beauty, edibles, terpene aromatherapy and pet treats.  Our extensive line of CBD products are made from U.S. grown hemp extract and are crafted with your health and wellness in mind.

kangen water

Kangen water is ordinary tap water that has been transformed into alkaline water with a plethora of benefits. Some benefits of Kangen water include but are not limited to relieving muscle stiffness, increased cell function, reducing chronic pain, regulating blood pressure, and it has anti-aging properties that can help you feel and look younger. Kangen water has other uses besides drinking. The alkalinity can be adjusted so it can be used to remove pesticides from your produce and it can have amazing results for your hair and skin! Considering that water is the essence of life, Kangen water is obviously the way to go. 

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Kangen Water

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“I am more relaxed than ever and it helps a great deal with the pain in my hips from arthritis!”
“God put all of the medicinal plants on earth to help us”
“CBD is the best thing since slice bread! It has really changed my life”

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