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Float Pod or Float Tank



What is a flotation tank?
Quite simply, a flotation tank is exactly what it sounds like. You get in a tank and float. The feeling of nothingness is the most stress free and relaxing thing you’ll ever experience. 
What if I don’t know how to float?
You don’t have to. The high level of salt makes it practically impossible to sink!
The float tank looks scary…what if I’m claustrophobic/afraid?
Don’t be afraid. You can open the door at anytime. You are not trapped. If it helps, you can even float with the door open.
How often should I get in a float tank?
You can get in a float tank as little or as often as you’d like, but we recommend 1-2 times a week.
I’m a bigger person, will I still float?
As long as you’re under 500 pounds you’ll float.
How long do people usually stay in the float tank?
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What will the float pod be like for me?
There’s no way to know since it varies not only person to person but time to time. The level of relaxation is up to you in your float pod experience.
Will I be able to resume my daily activities when I get out of the flotation tank?
Yes. You can go do whatever, but we don’t recommend losing all your progress by jumping into a stressful situation straight out of the float tank. Savor it.
Is there a cumulative effect of using the float tank on a regular basis?
Yes. There is a learning curve for relaxation. After each session in the float pod, you will feel more and more relaxed resulting in better and better benefits. 
Do you wear anything in the tank?
Nope! Just your birthday suit. Clothes would be annoying and get all salty.
What do I need to do to prepare for a float pod experience?

We recommend not shaving before you get in a float tank, because salt water can sting a fresh shave a bit.  Remove your contacts prior to floating. Relax relax relax…

Would I drown in the flotation tank if I fell asleep?

The water is so buoyant, it’s almost impossible to drown in a float tank. The salt pushes you to the surface. Many people use float tanks so they can fall asleep. Oh, and the water isn’t that deep believe it or not. Would you worry about drowning in an inflated pool?


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