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What is an infrared sauna?
An infrared sauna uses infrared light to penetrate inches into the body to create heat on a cellular level making you sweat.
What are the benefits of being in the infrared sauna?
Sweating is the best way to rid the body of toxins such as drugs, pollutants, pesticides and heavy metals that harm your immune system and health. Sweating is also a great way to increase metabolism and reduce stress. Imagine burning 600+ calories without exercising! The infrared sauna also:
improves circulation, improves cardiovascular health, reduces pain, rejuvenates your skin, and reduces stress.
Is this like a regular steam sauna?
Nope! Invisible light heats your body. There’s no steam so it is more comfortable, allowing you to enjoy a longer session.
Is infrared sauna for anti-aging?
Yes! One of its many benefits include reducing wrinkles and crow’s feet. It also helps improve skin tone, smoothness, clarity, and elasticity.
Is the infrared sauna safe?
Absolutely! Infrared heat therapy is safe and won’t burn your skin.
I’ve heard about electromagnetic fields (EMFs) Is your infrared sauna safe from EMFs?
EMFs are like invisible energy emissions that come from any object that uses electricity. Most common electrical objects give off such low levels of EMF that they pose no risk to humans. Though infrared saunas are large and powered by electricity, the technology used in our infrared sauna keeps EMF in an extremely low range of 0.2 to 0.3 mG. What does that mean? Well, to put your mind to ease your blender puts out 0.3 mG and your computer puts out 2-5mG.
What do I wear in the sauna?
You can wear a towel or swimsuit.
How should I prepare for my infrared sauna experience?
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Considering all the sweating you’ll be doing you’ll want to make sure your hydrated. Do not show up for your session hungover.
Is it clean?
Of course! Infrared light kills all bacteria and any airborne germs. We also sanitize after every session.
Can children use the infrared sauna?
Children above the age of 12 can use the infrared sauna for a brief supervised session, but please consult with your primary care provider before using the infrared sauna.
Who cannot use the infrared sauna?

Infrared sauna use is not recommended for people who are pregnant, children under 12, hemophiliacs, those with fever, insensitivity to heat, and those under the influence of alcohol. ** A waiver is required for all individuals utilizing the equipment.


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